Good luck Ale! I hope to see somehow this your next great adventure, you and your family will be unique! Thank you for all that you have given us over the years Juventus as a player but also as a person … a real 10!. Ciao.

—Claudio Marchisio

One day, I will tell my son that one of the greatest emotions of my career was playing alongside Ale. Good luck ale

—Leonardo Bonuci

A big good luck to @delpieroale for his new australian adverture!

—Mirko Vucinic

Good luck Captain! Thanks for everything and good luck! 10 +

—Luca Marrone

Good luck to Alessandro Del Piero in his new adventure in Australia . I will tell my daughter that I have played with the strongest and most famous captain in all Italian football.

—Milos Krasic

Grande alex! I knew that a new adventure awaits in sydney. I am very happy for a champion like you always look for new challenge. In addition, your technique and way always represent the best possible place for italy in the world. A big good luck and warm hug

—Francesco Totti

A big good luck for a true model and a real man. Good luck

—Rolando bianchi (Torino’s Captain)

On one hand there is THE JOY and satisfaction seeing del piero still in the field. but there is also sorrow that will be in the italian championship.

—Damiano Tomassi

Del Piero is a transverses character, a champion and a sporting behavior. I send good luck from my heart for the new adventure in australia. He has been and always be an ambassador of italian football

—Giancarlo Abete

I’d like him to know I’m thinking of him. He’s a great player and Italian football will miss him a lot. —Javier Zanetti

These are not just words from a few friends, these are words from rivals that no matter what happend or who won, know what kind of person he is and what he did for the sport in Italy.

I’m sure that everyone can understand how much he gave to this sport.

Alessandro Del Piero, My captain ! 

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